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  • Half Arms

    We offer half arm waxing services that make your arm look clean, youthful and all set for trying out fashionable outfits. Our Waxing Tauranga experts give help you reach super hygienic hair-free arms. Regain your confidence with our waxing services.


  • Full Arms

    Let’s face it, with arm hair, you cannot showcase your confidence that much, right? We understand this and will assist you with full arm waxing at affordable rates.


  • Underarms

    One easy appointment with us can give you long-lasting underarm hair removal results that you would be happy about. With the best Waxing Tauranga team treating you, you can expect your underarm hair to thin out the next time or even stop growing as much over time.


  • Half Legs

    Get half leg wax ranging from just above the knees to the ankles from the specialists of Waxing Tauranga. You might need half leg waxing, but our dedication is never half-hearted in treating you.


  • 3/4 Leg Wax

    Receive the best ¾ Leg waxing service covering removing hair from the ankle to halfway up the thigh, on both the front and back of the leg.


  • Full Legs

    Get your unwanted hair removed from the top of your thighs to the base of the ankles (front and back) in our full legs waxing package. With our waxing services, you can flaunt your legs for sure!


  • Stomach Wax

    It might be embarrassing having those hairs on your belly, especially when you wish to wear beautiful outfits required to expose that area. Get stomach waxing done by our Waxing Tauranga team and flaunt your look.


  • Back Wax

    Get your back hair removed with perfection by SimsBeauty. It’s time to show off your back, turning several heads as you pass by!


  • Chest Wax

    Is your confidence dropping down due to your chest hair? We assist you in getting rid of unwanted hair from your chest, giving you the look and confidence you expect.


  • Full Brazilian

    We are a trained team of experts and take extra care regarding your intimate and sensitive areas. Get high-quality Brazilian Waxing done by our specialists.


  • Buttocks

    Our Brazilian Waxing service also covers your buttocks. Yes, it’s good news for you! Rest assured; you will be left with zero hairs on your buttocks after we serve you.


  • Bikini Line Standard

    Our Bikini Line Standard service removes any hair that might be visible while wearing a bikini, such as from the upper thighs and just outside the panty line, and any hair that might peek over the waistband.


  • Bikini Line Extended

    Our Bikini Line Extended goes deeper around the legs and may shape it into a triangle by taking more off the top. This is helpful for those who want to keep their hair down but want it to look neat.


  • Full Body Wax Package

    Looking for Full Body Wax Near Me offers? We at SimsBeauty offer super-affordable quotes without compromising the quality of our services. So the next time you wonder cluelessly about where to get the best Full Body Wax Near Me, remember SimsBeauty is at your service.