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Eye Enhancements / Combos

  • Lash Tint

    Do you have naturally light eyelashes and are upset about it? Then you should come to us. Make your lashes look darker, voluminous, longer and beautiful with our high-quality Eye Enhancements. Add definition and structure to your entire face with SimsBeauty's lash tinting services.


  • Eyebrow Tint

    Escape the stress of spending another busy morning trying to get fuller-looking brows with an eyebrow pencil. Try our Eye Enhancements treatments and enhance, shape and define your brows just as you desire.


  • Eyebrow Shape,Upper Lip & Chin

    Are you looking for Eyebrow Threading Near Me services? Then get your brows shaped by us and make your eyes appear wider, more attractive, and well-rested. We also offer you combos of upper lip & chin hair removal. So convenient, right?


  • Eyebrow Shape + Tint

    Our Eyebrow Shape + Tint treatment gives you more defined eyebrows that look pretty, fuller and desirable. We offer you affordable quotes for Eyebrow Threading Near Me if you are looking for one. So price is something you need not worry about.


  • Eyelash Tint (Eye Trio)

    The Eye Trio is a combo treatment of an eyelash, eyebrow tint, and eyebrow shape. Tinting instantly improves your appearance and adds structure to your eye area. The right brow shape for your face helps to draw attention to your eyes. SimsBeauty is proud to offer this combo under its Eye Enhancements offer.


  • Eyebrow Shape + Henna Brow Tint

    Our Eyebrow Shape + Henna Brow Tint treatment makes for a deadly combo. Henna is an excellent method for creating better-shaped, more defined brows. It lasts longer than regular brow tints and stains the skin as well as the hair, making it ideal for filling in gaps in your brows.


  • Eyelash Lift

    Eye Enhancements such as Lash Lift will make your lashes appear longer with a nice lifting effect, enhancing the appearance of your eyes. Eyelash Lifting works on your natural lashes; you don't have to add anything to your lashes; we simply work with what you already possess and make it Dazzle!


  • Eyelash Lift + Tint

    Give your eyelashes a natural-looking curl and tint. This treatment is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your natural lashes without the need for daily curling or lash extensions. A lash lift and tint can help to make your eyes appear larger by creating a natural frame around them.